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Jackaroo 4/6 players Double sides

Jackaroo 4/6 players Double sides

Jackaroo 4 & 6 Players جاكارو على الوجهين

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Brand: JackarooJoker
Item dimentions: 44 x 44 x 2 cm
Jackaroo Joker Cards and Marbles Included
Number of players: 4 or6

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Very heavy duty product.. I am in love with it 😍
Quality of the wood and the marble are just great.
Best part of it as its 2 sided board for 4 and 6 players.


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Was really excited to find a double sided board where we could play with 6 players instead of just 4.
The quality of the board is great, and there's weight to it so it feels very expensive.


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One side for 4 players while the other side for 6 players. Wonderful!


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Very beautiful jakaroo board , Very crafty and creative , It was exactly like the picture , Would recommend ,
It has two sides - Suitable for 4-6 players , and it comes with various colorful marbles and a set of cards , and it is huge so it takes space on the table for a group of 6 ,
Everything is positive regarding this purchase , , The only insight I might have is I wish there was a bag to put the jakaroo board in :)
Thank you , Definitely recommend


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Good quality. Worth buying.

Umer Bilkhair

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Nice and good

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